Staying ahead requires not just adaptation but a proactive transformation of how we manage change, projects, and technological integration. Shift Gear offers comprehensive solutions and insights in four critical areas: Change Management, Project Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital Transformation.

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  • Project Excellence

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  • Change Management

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  • Digital Journey

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    ⭐ Digital Communications

    ⭐ Digital IoT Industry 4.0

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      My Credentials

      Academic Excellence: Chartered Qualification with a Masters Degree in Computer Applications.

      Certifications: SAFe, PMP, CISA, CRMA, SAP, Microsoft and Oracle

      Experience: Leadership in projects and the C-Suite for Fortune 500 and innovative startups.

      Ethics & Integrity: Committed to ethical practice and integrity.

      Lifelong Learner: Continuous learning to stay ahead in technology trends.

      Strategic Insight: Support the C-Suite as Interim Leader as well as an advisor on large engagements.

      Mentorship: Passion for mentoring and developing new talent.

      Entrepreneurship: Manage 2 successful online businesses.


      The digital realm is huge, similar to standing at a cliff's edge, pondering the jump. I've navigated this leap and emerged closer to my goals, and now, I aim to be the mentor you seek in this journey.

      Shift Gear simplifies the complex, morphs ambition into action, and turns dreams into tangible outcomes. Here, whether you aim to conquer AI, project management, digital transformation, or carve your niche in the digital age, I've curated resources specifically for you.

      I founded Shift Gear on the belief in the transformative power of guidance. Through long nights, setbacks, and doubts of "Can I really do this?" I discovered, unequivocally, you can—and you don't have to go it alone.

      You're here because of that inherent spark, the drive to evolve beyond your current state. Whether escaping the 9-5, building a brand from scratch, or finding your place in an ever-changing world, you've found the right platform.

      It's time to unlock your potential, navigate beyond self-doubt, and forge your future. With Shift Gear, access tools, knowledge, and a community eager to support your journey.

      Let's embark on this memorable path together, transforming your "what ifs" into "I did." Here's to shifting gears and propelling towards a future crafted by you.

      Why Choose ShiftGear


      One-on-one coaching sessions tailored to individual goals and challenges.

      Continuous access to the latest digital trends and strategies.

      Designed not just for learning but for applying, innovating, and leading in the digital age.

      Covers Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, Change Management, and Digital Transformation


      These LinkedIn testimonials from diverse industries reflect the commitment to excellence and the impactful results achieved. Through collaboration and innovation, Shift Gear has propelled businesses toward their strategic goals, exceeding expectations along the way. Explore these references to understand the value we bring to our partnerships and why Shift Gear is the trusted choice for driving project success.

      • ★★★★★

        Helped me when I needed it the most

        I have had the pleasure of working with Noel on a key project and I can wholeheartedly say that he is an exceptional professional with a remarkable knack for driving organizational change and innovation. I have been thoroughly impressed with his passion. Noel is an exceptional professional, a communicator with outstanding results that not only capture attention but also have meaningful impact. A true leader and an individual that believes that nothing is impossible, and potential is limitless.

        Ruchira Dasanayake, Program Manager @ Fortude

      • ★★★★★

        Great expertise, visionary leadership

        I worked closely with Noel for two years and highly recommend him as an Executive Digital Transformation Director. His expertise, visionary leadership, and unwavering support for new ideas and talented employees were exceptional. Noel's guidance and dedication drove significant advancements in our organization's digital initiatives. His inclusive and supportive approach created an environment where employees thrived and contributed their best. Noel is a valuable asset for any organization seeking a dynamic leader to drive digital transformation.

        Farouq Al Kabarity, Digital Design Manager @ Digital DEWA - UAE

      • ★★★★★

        Exceptional Knowledge & Delivery Partner

        Noel led the technical delivery of the SAP Finance Transformation project at Etihad. This was a very substantial undertaking and it is huge credit to Noel that the programme has delivered on time (18 months) for 62 countries, on budget and with no major issues. I have really appreciated his collaborative approach and, in particular, his contribution to the development of the Finance Data Warehouse which will add real insight to our reporting and analysis. Noel is a great colleague and business partner. I wish him the very best in whatever he decides to do next.

        Andrew Macfarlane, Chief Investment Officer, Etihad Aviation Group

      • ★★★★★

        Excellent Functional expertise, combined with his financial /accounting knowledge

        Noel has been a core member of my IT leadership team in Etihad since 2017. His functional expertise, combined with his financial /accounting knowledge and detailed business process understanding and attention to detail gained from working in Internal Audit are invaluable tools that Noel uses to drive business change and deliver amazing results. Since 2017 Noel has consistently exceeded his targets delivering challenging SAP projects, significantly reducing IT costs and improving internal customer satisfaction. I am particularly proud in the way Noel executed the Emiritisation plan giving great opportunities for development to young UAE National university graduates. He has also led the way in implementing the strategy to change the sourcing approach in order to improve quality of service and reduce costs. He is extremely hard working and the quality of his work output is second to none. I would have Noel in any team I lead and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again. On a personal note I would like to thank Noel for his solid support, hard work and great outcomes - always done with a smile and a positive attitude!

        Mike Papamichael, CIO/CTO/Founder, PRISM IT consulting services

      • ★★★★★

        Global Technology Executive

        Noel is a highly skilled global Technology Executive with very deep skills in IT Corporate & Enterprise transformation, systems, integration and services for large global organisations. He is someone who makes commitments and prides himself in delivering those commitments. Noel has excellent stakeholder management skills and is a very strong communicator. He has a growth mindset and continually challenge himself and his organisation to deliver quicker and more cost effectively. He is a very talented negotiator and has a laser focus on cost and value. He builds strong business focused technology organisations and capabilities and develop them into talented teams. Noel has a strong understanding of technology and the embraces architecture, design, engineering, Innovation an operation. He is a strong believer in data as a key backbone of technology transformation and customer centricity. I have worked with Noel for many years and find him to be a very ethical leader, an excellent team player, a talented executive and someone with a lot of emotional intelligence. Noel has a talent for complex technology and business transformation and a deep understanding of how to deliver such transformations. I highly recommend Noel to any organisation looking to innovate, disrupt and lead in their industry.

        Takhliq Hanif, Global Chief Enterprise Architect, Volkswagen Financial Services (UK)

      • ★★★★★

        Exemplary Finance Transformation Program Director

        I have known Noel since 2016, however I have worked with him closely on the Finance Transformation Program that commenced in late 2018, where I was the sponsor. We had an opportunity to transform the Finance function in Etihad by automating our processes and providing more transparency in financial reporting. Noel did a splendid job in helping us to define and implement our road-map, which included SAP, our ERP as well as other reporting solutions, using Microsoft and automation tools like Robotics and Process Automation. His engagement and collaboration skills are remarkable and worked with my team, as a true partner. I wish him the best in all that he plans to do in the future and I know he will be an asset to any company desiring excellence

        Adam Boukadida, International Senior Executive / CFO / Board Member/ Mentor

      • ★★★★★

        Star performer

        Star performer. Smart and Intelligent. Manages people very well. Never seen him angry. Assumes responsibilities. Hardworking professional. His technical abilities are amazing - took over technical implementation of a system when the vendor implementation team abandoned the implementation, and successfully implemented. It's rare to get professionals like him.

        Senthil Kumar, Managing Director - IT Consulting, Protiviti Member Firm Middle East, Protiviti Inc.

      • ★★★★★

        Inspirational leader, coach and mentor

        I’ve worked alongside Noel for more than a year and have always found him an inspirational leader, coach and mentor. He is a role model to many and a friend to me. If you ever need to know more about this brilliant chap, just ask! Stay safe Stotts

        Andrew (Stotts) Stotter-Brooks, Vice President Learning and Development, Etihad

      • ★★★★★

        Great Supporting Partner

        I have really enjoyed partnering with Noel and working on EY's HR digital transformation efforts with him. An inspiring IT leader who is solution oriented, Noel always found ways to get worthy projects/efforts through and championing them from an IT perspective. Laying the foundation stones for several key IT efforts to support business transformation across the corporate functions, he has helped steer very successful efforts/investments at EY. His attention to detail and ex-audit background is an unusual, yet refreshingly formidable combination. With his razor sharp commercial acumen, he is a great partner to work with all round!

        Anubhav Agarwal, Director - People & Culture, Digital Strategy & Enablement, TELUS

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